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Prague Zoo

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If you already have visited all the sights of Prague or you wish just a little relaxation far from the crowds of tourists in the downtown, you can visit the spectacles around the city, discovering not only the city but also wonderful historical scenes.

No doubt, it is a little more difficult to navigate there, but it is worth to, because we can find places with metro, streetcar or just on our foot where we can see special sights.

The Zoo, founded in 1924, situated on the right banks of Moldava river, on a rocky height is not an everyday sight either; its area exceeds 64 hectares, we can go up to its upper part in a chair-lift.

The more than 2.500 animals in the Zoo belong to 500 different species and we can find 50 species which are threatened by the danger of extinction in their natural environment.

Only those who visit here can see the famous Przewalski wild horses which are considered the ancestors of the everyday horses of our times. The Zoo is famous for its outstanding results in breeding big felines, wolves, giraffes, antelopes, flamingos, gorillas and orangutans.

Recently two new runways have been opened - one for lions, tigers and other big felines, and one for the other animals. | Contact us


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